Summey Photography

Sue Summey Lohrey
12095 State Road 1 Brookville, IN. 4012
(765) 647 - 3727
Let's begin by telling you a bit of how Summey Photography became the business it is today! My father Howard Summey answered a news paper ad for a "pony boy & salesman" for a company who used to travel door to door, state to state with a little pony and take children's portraits in front of their homes. My father worked for that company at age 16 and then later settled down in Indiana, married and began his own Studio and family. While growing up I admired every portrait my father did and became his sidekick, going on every photography session I could and getting to know all of his contacts.
The first portrait session I photographed on my own was of 2 little boys the summer of 1980. It was the summer before my 15th birthday.My dad took me out and dropped me off in Cincinnati Ohio. My sidekick was a pony named "Nathan". I remember it as if it were yesterday, the excitement of capturing the perfect expressions on their faces- giving them a memory that would last a lifetime. I knew at that moment that photography was exactly what I was meant to do, and now I can't imagine doing anything else.  
In Feb. of 1985 I opened my Studio located at 518 Main Street Brookville Indiana. My father by my side I became and accomplished award winning photographer. The roots of my business come from that location and I will forever call it home. I am very blessed having been able to watch generation after generation grow, and capture their treasured memories. Memories they treasure and hold close to their hearts.
Recently, the Studio relocated to 12095 State Road 1 in our same small town of Brookville Indiana. Still being conveniently located just 3.5 miles out of town but having the ability to offer my clients 6+ acres of beautifully landscaped settings, an amazing barn equipped with a "photography stall" great for families-children & seniors, but also housing my picture pony "Jazz" along with "Max" my big ol' quarter horse ( both who have been in many portraits ).
I chuckle when people ask me "where do you see yourself in the future". I hope to live to be 100 years old so I can be on the Smuckers comercial on the news, hoping they can say "Sue Summey Lohrey, 100 years young! Still making people smile and riding horses"! haha
When I talking to my clients, if you ask them "why Summey Photography"? You'll hear that I take the utmost care with everything I do. I see things not only through my camera lens but also through my heart. Every portrait I do has to meet my clients approval as well as my own. I love capturing those little crooked grins that the mom looks at and says yep, that's my baby. To capture each persons personality and let the portrait tell the story...that's what I love.
I hope you enjoy the rest of my website and look forward to seeing you!

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