Summey Photography

Senior Info.

                           EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!  
This is a day that's ALL ABOUT YOU- YOU- YOU!!! 
Wear what YOU want, change as many outfits as YOU want, bring anything YOU want, go where YOU want...YOU can select from many indoor props and backdrops, go outside on our landscaped 6+ acres &  barn, or go out and about in Franklin County.
We have access to one of the oldest homes in Franklin County, many different landscaped areas and a few "secret" spots that we only disclose upon your arrival. No need to fear your portraits will be just like someone else's...everyone gets something different. You can choose to go to your home, school, sports field, or anywhere YOU want to go. We will travel outside Franklin County for a minimal travel charge. I've even hoped a plane to Texas for clients before. YOU name it and I'll do it! Pets and buddies are always welcome to come along and get in some portraits if YOU want. 

I am well known for helping out with the hair, make-up and even an occasional wardrobe change! Whatever it takes to get you the look your after. 
I know how important your Senior Portraits are to you. So I go above and beyond to make them extra special and perfect for you. That's why I offer retouching at no charge on your finished portraits. 
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